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Full Servo High Speed Corrugated Slotting Machine DSK1600 Carton Slotting Machine

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Full Servo High Speed Corrugated Slotting Machine DSK1600 Carton Slotting Machine

Full Servo High Speed Corrugated Slotting Machine DSK1600 Carton Slotting Machine
Full Servo High Speed Corrugated Slotting Machine DSK1600 Carton Slotting Machine

Large Image :  Full Servo High Speed Corrugated Slotting Machine DSK1600 Carton Slotting Machine

Product Details:
Place of Origin: CHINA
Certification: CE
Model Number: DSK1600
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiate
Packaging Details: Corrugated box and plastic film
Delivery Time: 40 working days
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 5 sets per months

Full Servo High Speed Corrugated Slotting Machine DSK1600 Carton Slotting Machine

Power Supply: 220V Or 380V Or 415V Color: Customized
Maximum Paper Size (L*W): 3000mm*1600mm Maximum Effective Slotting And Chamfering Specifications (length * Width): 2950mm*1600mm
Minimum Paper Size (L*W): 670mm*380mm Minimum Size Of Box (L*W*H): 275mm*60mm*60mm
High Light:

High Speed Corrugated Slotting Machine


Full Servo Corrugated Slotting Machine


High Speed Carton Slotting Machine

Full Servo High Speed Slotting Machine




  • DSK1600 high-speed carton slotting forming machine is a matching model specially developed by our company according to the working speed and use characteristics of high-speed digital printers. The whole machine adopts full servo control, and the pressing line adopts two pre-pressing and one forming. It can improve the effect of pressing line to the greatest extent, and make a good preparation for the subsequent sticking of nails into a box. Slotting adopts a superior force knife to slot and cut corners from bottom to top. Under the premise of ensuring that the cardboard surface paper does not crack The effect of die-cut carton.
  • The full-servo leading edge paper feeding section is equipped with five sets of paper feeding shafts. It adopts a single-axis single-servo motor structure, and there is no feeding and gluing shaft. After the width of the cardboard is input, the five rows of paper feeding shafts act together to completely feed the entire cardboard into the opening. The groove part. The whole process does not damage the corrugation of the cardboard, ensuring the physical strength of the carton after forming. The side gauge and the rear paper support car are all controlled by servo. Just enter the length and width of the cardboard, they will all be in place automatically, one is accurate Yes, save time and effort and reduce waste.
  • The slotting part is also fully servo-controlled. You only need to input the length, width, and height of the carton when working. The slotting knife and the crimping wheel change from the largest to the smallest size of the carton. It reduces work waste and is the most advanced and reasonable carton slotting machine on the market.



High-speed slotting machine model DSK1600-3000
Maximum paper size (L*W) 3000mm*1600mm

Maximum effective slotting and

chamfering specifications (length * width)

Minimum paper size (L*W) 670mm*380mm
Minimum size of box 275mm
Minimum box width 60mm
Box height minimum specification 60mm
Power supply Three-phase 380V/50Hz
Installed capacity (approx.) 51KW
Common power About 15KW
Device dimensions (length*width*height)


excluding delivery section

Gross weight of equipment (approx.) 13000KG
Applicability of the equipment: It can be applied to various corrugated cardboards with a thickness of 1.5~20mm. The warpage value of the cardboard is 10mm/m. If it exceeds the above warpage standard, it can be used to improve the warped cardboard by adjusting the speed, air volume, and height of the rear paper trolley. paper feed problem.


Main structure and principle of DSK1600 full-servo high-speed slotting machine:

  • DSK1600 full-servo high-speed slotting machine is a product born with the trend, also known as the king of scattered orders. Based on the embarrassment of too many scattered orders currently faced by carton factories, our company has developed a full-servo high-speed slotting machine in time. Machine, the speed of the whole machine is 160 pieces/min, and the time for changing orders is less than 30 seconds/order. The full servo control is accurate to within millimeters, which can achieve the highest genuine carton rate and complete it in an instant. Once this product is launched, it is well received by all carton boxes. Manufacturers are welcome. Our company has a professional team to dig deep into the product, keep improving in the production process, and live up to the expectations of the majority of carton factory users. For the development and progress of the industry, we will make unremitting efforts to repay old and new users. love for us.


①Servo leading edge feeder:

Full Servo High Speed Corrugated Slotting Machine DSK1600 Carton Slotting Machine 0

The leading edge feeding section is composed of (1) leading edge feeding main wallboard and (2) leading edge feeding section beams to form a stable frame, and then the leading edge feeding section assembly is fixed on (2) leading edge feeding section Above the beam, a reasonably strong paper feeding mechanism is formed.

When the captain is operating, first measure the length and width of the cardboard with a tape measure, and then input it on the computer. At this time, (3) the traveling motor of the paper carriage and (4) the traveling motor of the side stop gauge will start at the same time, and walk to the machine in strict accordance with the instructions. Specify the position, at this time, you can directly put the cardboard on the front edge bellows and the paper carrier. According to the thickness of the single cardboard, adjust the (7) front gauge adjustment handle. After adjusting to the appropriate position, bend according to the cardboard. Adjust (5) the cross switch of the paper carriage to determine the height of the carriage, and then adjust (6) the rollers of the paper carriage according to the size of the cardboard, to control the number of sheets of the bottom stack of cardboard, so that the feeding paper is not easy to slip. When the power-on condition is met, as soon as a command is sent, (8) the servo leading edge drive motor starts to feed the paper, and the leading edge is to completely feed the cardboard into the slotting and crimping part according to the inputted width of the cardboard. There is no damage to the corrugated cardboard in the whole process. This technology was independently developed by our company more than ten years ago. The company has the independent ability to modify and after-sales service.



②Slotted forming part:

Full Servo High Speed Corrugated Slotting Machine DSK1600 Carton Slotting Machine 1

The slotted forming part is made up of (1) the slotted main wall plate through (2) the main beam of the slotted part to be fixed into a frame as the main body, (3) the cutter head and the line-pressing drive wall plate are fixed on (2) through (4) linear guides ) On the main beam of the slotting part, (6) (7) (8) The three sets of pressure rollers are also installed on (3) the cutter head and the line pressure drive wall plate, (5) The slotting cutter head is also passed through The graphite copper sliding block is fixed on the (3) cutter head and the line-pressing drive wall plate, thus forming a main body that can move left and right as a whole at any time. The main body is driven by the (9) cutter head drive motor to complete the length of the carton Width size adjustment.

(7) (8) There are two pre-pressing rollers. The cardboard enters in the early stage and passes through (7) (8) The pre-pressing destroys the corrugated along the line. The pressing rollers are all made of the outer edge of the iron core. , the surface is in the shape of a large circular arc, which not only has the effect of pre-pressing corrugation, but also is not easy to break the paper in the cardboard. It corresponds to (11) (12) pre-pressing on the line shaft, the upper shaft is a steel optical shaft, The surface is plated with hard chrome, which is smooth and smooth, so that the cardboard can successfully complete the pre-crimping. (6) It is a forming crimping wheel. The final shape is made to make the carton forming standard beautiful. Corresponding to the (6) forming crimping wheel is the (13) forming crimping shaft. It has the effect of elastic pressing, and it is not easy to crack the cardboard. (6) (7) (8) The three pressing wheels are connected by (10) the three-axis linkage synchronous belt of the pressing line, and the three rows of wheels run synchronously when the machine is turned on. , to complete the line pressing function together.

(5) The slotting cutter head is equipped with the superior force knife slotting and cutting angle, so that the surface finish of the carton from the ordinary slotting machine can reach the effect of circular die-cutting, and the problem of burrs on the edge of the traditional slotting machine is eliminated. The height adjustment is the outer gear ring structure, and the adjustment of the box height is smooth and smooth. Compared with the inner gear ring hexagonal steel shaft structure, the structure is more durable and more reasonable, and the adjusted box height size has no error. The graphite fixed slider on the cutter head is automatically Lubrication, no need to add lubricating oil, firstly, it reduces the labor intensity of the operator, and secondly, it prevents the lubricating oil from splashing on the surface of the carton.

(14) The slotted upper shaft is designed as a steel core superior force pad combination structure. The superior force pad is imported from Italy, with good elasticity, long service life and easy replacement. It corresponds to (5) the superior force knife on the slotted cutter head. , so that the knife edge of the cut carton is smooth and smooth, without any burrs. The shaft is in normal working state. After the shaft is pushed out by the (15) slotted upper shaft, the whole shaft is pressed down and contacts with the (5) slotted cutter disc. , Complete the slotting and cutting angle. When adjusting and changing the order, the (15) slotting upper shaft advancing cylinder will automatically pull the (14) slotting upper shaft back, so that the slotting upper shaft and the slotting cutter head are separated, and the adjustment process is completed. The shaft is also designed with radial automatic movement and automatic circumferential differential compensation functions, and the superior rubber pad on the surface is also equipped with an automatic sharpening knife. Repair flat.

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